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I’m a 37 years old Half French Half Dutch Art Director / Creative. I have 10 years of experience in various cities, countries and positions. I love to travel, aquariums, fashion and interior Design.


Translating Emotions into Brand Identity


Hi! I’m Cedric Jean Pierre Pradel, and I’m a freelance Art Director. I’m most enthusiastic about translating a brand’s message to a visually memorable and emotionally effective vision, for business as small as one and as big as 12,000 employees. Together, I’ve built up over ten years of work experience across cities like Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, New York, and Berlin, while growing a thriving network in the creative and fashion industries.

I’m skilled:

  • A deep understanding of the complexities and nuances of the current media landscape.

  • A natural curiosity, always seeking out best practices examples.

  • A commitment to out-of-the-box thinking to tailor solutions to individual brands.

  • With a deep understanding of how social platforms and behaviours impacts wider marketing / communications efforts as a business at large.

  • Creating emotionally effective brand identities.

  • Technical knowledge in creative disciplines as a strong foundation for the concrete execution of projects ( Capture One, Lightroom, Adobe suite, Hasselblad, Nikon, Canon, Polaroid, Pro Photo, Wacom, NEC.

  • Bringing various creative disciplines together to execute a larger vision.

  • Translating common thread into an identity that makes a brand distinctive and memorable.

  • Creating and translating an overarching concept into content (video, photography, website interface, packaging design, and casting, etc).

  • Experience with established brand identities such as Balmain, Cruyff Classics, Karl Lagerfeld, Vanilia and Falke.

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enthusiasm is my middle name!